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Teddy Bear's Services offers exceptional water damage service in Biloxi, MS, Gulfport, MS, and the nearby areas. As an experienced, locally owned water damage repair company you can depend on us to provide the trusted services you need after an emergency. We are a licensed contractor and we have the capability to rebuild and fully restore your structure back to its original condition.


At Teddy Bear's Services, we provide a full range of remediation and restoration services including water damage recovery, water damage cleaning, and rebuilding. Using effective equipment and tested techniques, we can fully extract any remaining water from your premises to ensure a completely dry interior. Our experienced water remediation specialists can remove water from any area of your home with skill and expertise.

Water Damage Repair Company

  • Dry carpet/carpet cushion in place, saving carpet cushion replacement.

  • Dry the walls, sill plates, and wall cavities without removing the wall boards.

  • Dry hardwoods, substrates, tile and concrete with non-destructive tenting.

  • Prevent mold, rot and decay from prolonged soaking.

  • Negative pressure air-flow allows inhabitants to live or work in unaffected areas of home or business.

  • Inconvenience and out-of-home expenses are eliminated or greatly reduced.

  • Drying without demolition - saves labor, hauling, replacement & repair.

Do's and Don'ts

We have specialized equipment called TES (Thermal Energy System) to dry your home.


Advantages of TES:

Water Restoration

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Fast drying of your home or business, its contents, and the structure is necessary. The longer it takes to dry out the building, the more risk there is for additional damage and mold. This means higher expenses in restoring your home. Don't wait to call us.


Now, "dry" is only a day away!

Fast drying is not just convenient; it's critical.


Drying water-damaged homes and businesses is important. But drying them fast is critical! The longer it takes to dry a water damaged building, the more expenses and damages increase. For example: mold, floor and wall warpage, out-of-home costs, and other repairs increase as the structure remains wet. Speed drying a water-damaged structure eliminates or greatly reduces these damages and expenses.


Time is critical!!!! When dried properly, sheetrock, insulation, carpet, padding, hardwood floors, and cabinets will be as strong as their pre-loss condition.

1. Get furniture off the wet floor by moving it to a dry location or put furniture on aluminum foil or styrofoam pads to prevent wicking & staining.

2. Wipe down furniture

3. Prop up pillows for equal drying

4. Mop up excessive water if safe.

5. Box up collectibles, china, etc if these items are in furniture items that must be moved.

6. Do not stay in structure if mold or sewage is present. Use extra caution if children under 2, adults over 60 or if someone has a weakened immune system.

7. Do not use electrical devices around wet surfaces.

The Continuing Effect of Contamination

Removed water damage Reinstalled wood floors Finished floor

Removed water damage

TES equipments Flood equipments

Comprehensive Restoration Services

Whether you need water extraction, flooded basement cleanup, mold remediation, or fire damage restoration services, you can trust that we will deliver the right solutions for your property. With over 40 years of experience in the field, we have developed time tested techniques to fully restore your property after your emergency. Our advanced drying solutions will have your interior clean and dry in record time so you can have complete peace of mind. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Minutes - Water spreads rapidly increasing cost dramatically; furniture (especially antique) stains carpet permanently; moisture sensitive furniture finishes turn white; paper goods (books) swell and warp up permanently.


Hours - Furniture in direct contact with water delaminates, swells, legs begin to split and release stain; Sheetrock swells and disintegrates; bacterial odor (sour) becomes apparent.


Days - Mold appears along with "musty" odor; internal components in pianos and organs begin to swell in the presence of condensed moisture; metal begins to rust; wood structural members (door and window casings, decking, joists, studs) begin to swell, warp and split; electronic components exposed to excess condensation malfunction.


Weeks - Fungi associated with prolonged dampness sinks roots in organic materials (jute backings, paper coverings on Sheetrock, paneling, wood, etc). Wood components warp and split, while chemicals within the wood are dissolved and discolor or destroy finishes. Claim costs escalate!

Removed water damage Reinstalled wood floors Finished floor

Removed water damage

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For more information about our water damage services, give us a call in Biloxi, MS, Gulfport, MS or at location the nearest you today. We look forward to providing you with the quality services you can rely on.

We are a Certified Master Builders and Restorers. We tell insurance companies the type and amount of work you need to get your home in shape just the way you want it.

We handle your insurance claims from start to finish.